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monica bellucci playboy

monica bellucci playboy

The sound of the surf crashing on the beach below our villa balcony, so personal I indulge in laying there bare. As I sip a glass of chilled champagne I attempt to proceed backward and remember the latest events.

My spouse Trent and I arrived last night on our jet from Carmel, we always liked spending time at our villa here in Cabo. 2 years ago we encountered in Las Vegas while I was working as a dancer. I was twenty eight and he was seventy one, fairly a inequity but we found we both liked restrict bondage and leather.
I always wished the enormous life quiet fuck and he desired a trophy wife so we married after a short engagement. I moved from Vegas into the ocean front home in Carmel implement with cook, maid and driver. I luved the pampering not to say unlimited spending.

Life was handsome, due to his age our hook-up life was not the most satisfying, Viagra helped some but not enough to satiate me. I found other ways of gusto which sufficed.
We luved Cabo because we had no staff their and could activity out our wishes. It didn't hold primary to please him and I loved the leather.

On this tour I was alarmed because recently I noticed he had been e mailing other gals Eager in confine bondage & discipline which could menace my security if they went to far. About a month ago I had him wear a spear box and I kept the key on a chain around my neck. I liked to taunt his testicles with him being vulnerable witnessing as I jacked.
Today after lunch on the lanai I gave him a cuckold wife Viagra telling I would luxuriate in to attach a session in about an hour and I build a surprise for you. He was so thrilled and took it instantaneously. We agreed to meet in the bedroom in an hour, he left to accomplish prepared. I went to my douche and did my invent-up, hair and perfume.
I clothed late in by ebony leather harness, nylons, and hip high 7' heel footwear and shoulder length ebony leather gloves. When I arrived in the sir he was clothed in leather and on his knees as my marionette should be. I hiked his chin with my gloved arm sneered and biotch smacked him telling remain there I possess a sensational surprise. I opened my suitcase and liquidated 4 cuffs with bind extensions. I cautiously fastened them best tits ever to each corner of the 4 poster couch.

I told him to glean up and lay on the couch on his attend initiate up eagle.